Applicable *ONLY* when touring Wisconsin, Iowa, OKC, North & South Dakota

Minneapolis GFE Escort Rates

Minneapolis GFE Escort Rates

My Southern roots run deep, and I’m eager to share them with you. My philosophy when it comes to our date is that connection should be nurtured organically but carefully crafted at the same time – just like seasoning a cast iron skillet. So join me in my element: lounging over dinner lit by candlelight (with bourbon of course!), where we’ll laugh until our bellies hurt and create genuine chemistry as slow as molasses – because life’s too short for rushed connection. Rates below are tailored towards longer engagements since one things for sure: genuine connection cannot be rushed.

Minneapolis GFE Escort Rates


Our time together will have you feeling like an entirely new person – a satisfied, content, blissful one, leaving you impatiently counting down the moments until we meet again.

  • 1H |  $450 
  • 1.5H | $650  (most recommended)
  • 2H$850 
  • 3H |  $1200


Let’s come alive in the most romantic and playful way! Explore true-date night experiences with me – ones that will fan the flames of chemistry as we savor each incredible moment together!

  • 4H |  $1500 (most popular first date)
  • 6H |  $1800 
  • 12H Adventure |  $2500
  • 16H Overnight| $3000
  • 24H Day Dream | $3500

Outcall: add $100 to total
Short-notice booking : add $200 to total (less than 16H notice)
Greek: at my discretion, kindly add $300
Couples: add $300 to the rate
Photos/video: add $1000 to total

Fly Me To You: my standard rates apply for FMTYs.


All booking fees are for my time & attention only.

If you are hosting, place my rate in the infamous unsealed envelope on the bathroom vanity or somewhere visible upon arrival – if I am hosting, kindly excuse yourself to the restroom when arriving and leave the envelope there. If we are meeting in public, your gift can be stylishly tucked inside a small bag or book for me to find as soon as you arrive!

I only tour the Midwest on rare occasions when my other work brings me to the area. If there are no active advertisements in the area with specific dates, then it is a fly me to you only situation where my standard NYC/DC/Boston rates apply.

Before we can set a date, let’s come to a mutual understanding. To ensure a safe and secure connection, please complete my screening form. If this sounds like something outside of your comfort zone, then unfortunately I won’t be the one taking you on this sultry adventure! Discretion is paramount to me so rest assured that secure and private are for my eyes only.

The patronage should be presented at the start of our date & in the highest denominations available ($20’s & above, please). 

“Cash is King” but electronic methods are available. I am able to accept funds transfers, major credit cards, E-Gift Cards, and Crypto at my discretion when given adequate notice. Some of these forms of payment require prepayment-in-full 72 hours prior to our date & may be subject to a 10% surcharge. This surcharge may also apply to deposits.


Deposits: All dates are subject to a 25% deposit at my request. Deposits show that you are cool, respectful, and have some “skin in the game”. Your deposit can be made via cash app or venmo (preferred), Zelle, Amazon gift card, or Bitcoin.

In the unforeseen & exceedingly rare circumstance that I must cancel, your funds are remitted back to you within 24 hours along with lots of “I’m so sorry!” However, if I must cancel a date due to your conduct, then the deposit and patronage are non-refundable.

Cancellations happen because life is funny & should Murphy’s Law rear its ugly head, please be as considerate of my time as you are of yours.

If you cancel:

  • with 24H+ notice: I will apply your non-refundable deposit to one future appointment within 120 days of our original date. You are only allowed one reschedule per deposit
  • Less than 24H notice – deposit is forfeit
  • Less than 12H notice – 100% of booking fee is due

By booking, you agree to my cancellation policy. Failure to send a cancellation fee will result in permanent termination of all communications and potential addition to the industry-wide blacklist & your references.

Incalls (Touring):
Incall is Provided

Outcall ( Touring)
Please be prepared to provide $100 for all outcall appointments in order for me to secure black car transportation.

As the perfect date, I am no stranger to the little things that make a night amazing. From meals worth lingering over and conversations filled with laughter, my longer dates will leave you feeling refreshed for whatever comes next!

Let’s escape the confinements of that stuffy suite and have a bit of fun. Sip cocktails over delicious banter in an intimate bar or have some competitive fun in a barcade! I’m open to whatever adventure you’ve got planned – it’ll be sure to be unforgettable!

If you have a privacy concern and do not want to spend time outside the boudoir – kindly add an additional $500 to my rate.

I love exploring the depths of our mutual desires; learning what makes you tick and leaving you mind-blown along the way. These dates require a 2H minimum with details provided after screening.

Women are enthusiastically welcome in my boudoir. Now if there are two of you, I love it! Both parties must pass screening. There is a 3H minimum. Couples, add $400. Friends, add $1000. Either way, please bring snacks for everyone (trust me).