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Minneapolis Exotic GFE Escort

Minneapolis Exotic GFE Escort

Minneapolis Ebony GFE Escort

Boozhoo*, I'm Paige & I'm cooler than a polar bear's toenails...

With an ambiguous background, I may confuse some about my beginnings & influences. Equal parts alluring, enigmatic, and irresistibly seductive, I’m a woman who loves to captivate and entice. Then again, I’m a southern romantic born in Italy (explains the passion) and raised primarily in the Deep South.

I’ve always loved the slow pace of the Deep South, where the tea is sweet & the g’s drop off like the endless summers. Summers spent lazily by the lake, the nights made for smoky bonfires & illicit stories of high school conquests. I loved the opulence— the beautiful houses, the etiquette, the men in seersucker with women dangling on their arms like highballs. It’s also where I learned how to throw a football & caked my jeans in mud keeping up with the boys who mocked, “No girls allowed.” 

Where am I now?

Bewitching you with my honey brown eyes & smooth caramel skin, reliving kisses stolen in dimly lit rooms as thrilling as those few sips of beer I’d sneak as a teen by the lake. Of course, I prefer scotch or bourbon now & have the raspy voice of a jazz singer to match, quick to excite. My grandmother, a true Steel Magnolia, believed that a cut of the eyes could say more than any words, but that the most beautiful voice was that of an educated woman from the South.

My body is reminiscent of those back roads we secretly love: curvy & unbridled, the lingering scent of magnolias calling. I can run hot like August in Savannah, smile like the sun, & laugh so hard I cry tears straight from the Mississippi. I’m not so much the “girl next door” as I am the “grown woman who knows what she wants and isn’t afraid to tell you how she wants it”. I’ll want you cupping my heart-shaped face in your hands, hooking your fingers into the belt loop of my denim shorts & pulling me in close. Then again, my hips & thighs are meant to be held onto and savored, too — like those carefree days in your youth. You remember?

And when you run your fingers through my thick, curly hair, I’ll look at you, lean in closer, & with a wry smile I’ll say, “The higher the hair, the closer to God**.

*Boozhoo = “hello” in my native language
**if there is one – they gave me great curves with amazing boobs and a nice ass

Minneapolis Ebony GFE Escort

If you find yourself in a different city and crave to meet, fear not, for I do offer FMTY dates. Although not frequently, you might chance upon me as I tour various cities across the country. I dare you to pursue me! 
(Do bear in mind, my availability for FMTY dates is quite limited due to my bustling affairs at home and personal endeavors.)

in a world full of eve's i stand with women who wear serpents around their hips and paradise between their legs

Minneapolis Exotic GFE Escort


age: 30, flirty, & thriving
base city: Minneapolis or FMTY
home planet: Themyscira
aesthetics: 5’6” tall & 36G-31-43
dress size: 10/12 or L
hair: long raven tresses; style varies
tattoos: several that are fortunately staying
piercings: ears, navel, small nose stud
ethnicity:  Black, Indigenous, French, Italian
demeanor: real down to mars girl 
humor: often dry & sarcastic as f***
language: English + Ojibwe (my native language)
education: M.A.Ed (done) + M.A.AS (in progress)
certifications: NASM Certified Trainer, Spray Tan Artist,
signature scent: Byredo’s Eyes Closed
turn ons: respectful, generous, good sense of humor is a plus!
turn offs: vulgarity, entitlement, disrespect, bad hygiene
: listening to Frank Ocean’s “Thinkin Bout You”



scotch or bourbon + cigars + toffee
being barefoot everywhere I can be
resting my head on my lover’s chest + pillow talk
being read to by you while in a bubble bath
genuine connections + dinner dates
the Great Gatsby 
museums + history
laying in a pile of warm laundry 
golden hour + sunsets
fashion – particularly fall and winter
travel + airport + hotel lobby bars
record stores & vinyl + live music
crisp white linens
brown paper+twine
spicy food & Riesling 
naked dance parties & Saturday night discos
luxury lingerie

Minneapolis Exotic GFE Escort