Minneapolis, MN BASED MODEL + MUSE


With an ambiguous background, I may confuse some about my beginnings & influences. Armed with (s)ass, unpretentious refinement, & humor, I am no ordinary woman, nor do I aspire to be. A southern romantic born in Europe, growing up I split my time between the bucolic Midwest & the sweltering heat of the Deep South.

I’ve always loved the slow pace of the Deep South, where the tea is sweet & the g’s drop off like the endless summers. Summers spent lazily by the lake, the nights made for smoky bonfires & illicit stories of high school conquests. I loved the opulence— the beautiful houses, the southern etiquette, the men in seersucker & the women dangling on their arms like highballs. It’s also where I learned how to throw a football & caked my jeans in mud keeping up with the boys who mocked, “No girls allowed.” 

Where am I now?

Bewitching you with my honey brown eyes & smooth caramel skin, reliving kisses stolen in dimly lit rooms as thrilling as those few sips of beer I’d sneak as a teen by the lake. Of course, I prefer scotch or bourbon now & have the raspy voice of a jazz singer to match, quick to excite. My grandmother, a true Steel Magnolia, believed that a cut of the eyes could say more than any words, but that the most beautiful voice was that of an educated woman from the South.

My body is reminiscent of those back roads we love: curvy & unbridled, the lingering scent of cottonwoods & magnolias calling. I can run hot like August in Savannah, smile like the sun, & laugh so hard I cry tears straight from the Mississippi. In a world where we have surrendered to rigorous social codes, I revel in my enigmatic nature. Often described as a “real down to mars girl”, I can be found flaunting my thighs in denim shorts & jamming to Led Zeppelin, Fleetwood Mac, Buddy Holly, or OutKast. I’ll want you cupping my heart-shaped face in your hands, hooking your fingers into the belt loop of my denim shorts & pulling me in close. Then again, my hips & thighs are meant to hold onto, too — like those carefree days in your youth. You remember?

And when you run your fingers through my thick, curly hair, I’ll look at you, lean in closer, & with a wry smile I’ll say, “The higher the hair, the closer to God.”

Minneapolis VIP Ebony BBW Escort

in a world full of eve's i stand with women who wear serpents around their hips and paradise between their legs


home base: Minneapolis, MN
late 20s-something
aesthetic: 5’5” & 37F-32-47, long raven tresses styled from curly to straight, several tattoos that are not disappearing, with pierced ears & a simple diamond nose stud
demeanor: real down to mars girl that’s funny as hell & sarcastic as f…
nationality: German American (dual citizen)
race: humanoid fembot
ethnicity: Native American, Black, Middle Eastern, French+Italian
language: English, Ojibwe, learning Italian
Masters Degree + working on second masters
signature scent: Byredo’s Gypsy Water or Mojave Ghost


scotch+cigars+toffee (together)
being barefoot everywhere I can be
resting my head on my lover’s chest
the Great Gatsby 
vintage photography
museums (military, art, & science) 
history (French Revolution+Antebellum South) 
laying in a pile of warm laundry 
golden hour + sunsets
fashion – particularly fall and winter
american muscle cars
travel + airport + hotel lobby bars
record stores & vinyl + live music
crisp white linens
brown paper+twine
spicy food & Riesling

So, where to go from here?

First, thank you for stopping by my little piece of the world wide web. I am beyond flattered that you are taking the time to get to know me. All I ask is prior to reaching out to me, please immerse yourself here. Although my photos are succulent, I hear that my blog is insightful, my Twitter is filled with witty quips and snark, and my Instagram grants an aesthetically pleasing and different perspective. For those that like exclusive photos, my Only Fans will stir your blood. I encourage you to keep the baby aspirin nearby. 

While you discern if we are well-suited for one another, remember you are on the precipice of a bold adventure…

Paige, xx

Minneapolis Luxury BBW Escort