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A captivating being crosses your screen, igniting a desire for exploration. You voraciously devour their ad, website, and twitter (we are not calling it X… ew), nourishing your curiosity with every learned detail. Yet, amidst the feast of information, you overlook a crucial logistical piece: they reside nowhere near your city and they rarely venture beyond their home base.

You think, “Well, that’s that.” But is it? It doesn’t have to be if you’re willing to make the investment of time, effort, and yes… money.  Enter “Fly Me to You (FMTY)” also known as “Exclusive Date Travel.” 

For many providers, the Fly Me To You experience is one of many major milestones in their career, as it demonstrates that someone finds us intriguing, alluring, and captivating enough to take action. My initial FMTY was an international trip, a moment that legitimately had me whispering to myself, “Mama – I made it!” Since then, I’ve gratefully joined admirers on their escapades, both domestic and global. Nonetheless, while many providers consider a fly me to you a career milestone, for clients it’s still a bit of a gray area and my inbox proves that the mystery of the “Fly Me To You” (or Train Me To You or Fly You To Me) endures.

So allow me the opportunity to give a pinch of guidance and give you a crash course, so you don’t crash of course, on Fly Me To You’s (FMTY) that I like to call, “Fly Me To You 101”.

Fly Me To You

“FMTY? TMTY? What are all these damn acronyms?”

I imagine that you’re if you’re not familiar with exactly what I’m talking about, your first question probably is, “Paige, what the f*** is a FMTY, FYTM, and TYTM?” Let me simplify. For the purpose of this post, let’s call it “exclusive date travel” or “FMTY”; we can use them interchangeably as they mean the same thing.

  • F/D/TMTY (Fly, Drive or Train me to You): Your chosen companion(s) will travel to see you, by train, plane, or car
  • F/D/TYTM (Fly You To Me): You travel to the companion’s base city via plane, train, or car
  • FWM (Fly With Me): Both of you travel together to/from the destination.
I encourage establishing relationships with local providers and traveling with them as well! However, sometimes we’re just drawn to a person, and an exclusive travel date is the only way to see them. You may find for discretionary reasons, fly to a provider, flying a provider in, or traveling with a provider is best.

"Great! I want to fly this person out but wtf do we do?

On an FMTY (Fly Me To You), the possibilities are endless! While I might jest about corporate espionage and bank heists, the truth is you can do pretty much anything you’d like. Here are some examples of what I’ve had the pleasure of experiencing on an FMTY:

  • Celebrating someone’s milestone birthday*
  • Horseback riding along Montana’s picturesque Blackfoot River
  • Enjoying thrilling rollercoasters at Universal Studios Orlando
  • Catching baseball games at various stadiums on my MLB Stadium List*
  • Escaping to a cozy cabin in Northern Wisconsin for a delightful “Christmas” holiday
  • Sharing a delicious meal and drinks in their hometown*
  • Spend the night vis-à-vis, Netflix and Chill*
  • A +1 at a gala and for a wedding more than once…

If you’re traveling for business and are concerned that we’ll be bored while you’re working rest assured, we’re curious creatures who can easily keep ourselves busy. For example, on a trip with a client to London who was there for work, I visited museums and connected with girlfriends during the day and spent mornings, evenings, and the weekend with him. He was also sweet and gave me a per diem each day so I could enjoy the city with no worries. 

Often, when we think of exclusive travel dates, we envision exotic locations and lavish gifts. But that’s not always necessary. Some of my most cherished dates have been camping trips or casual trips to bar-cades, where we shit-talk one another while playing air hockey. Remember, do NOT succumb to imposter syndrome because you can’t fly someone to Turks and Caicos or shower someone with Cartier bracelets and a Rolex. If you can afford the rate, travel fees, and the ability to take care of daily expenses related to meals, outings, etc., then darlin’, you’re good.

*These bookings have often been my first date with the person. When it comes to seeing a first-time client for a fly me to you, everyone has different policies. For me, I’ve had several successful FMTY dates with people I hadn’t met before. The key? People doing their due diligence by checking out my website, musings, sometimes my VIP content, and always my Twitter account. If you’re extra nervous, a shorter option like an extended dinner date can help, and then you can gradually plan longer dates like overnights/multi-days in the future!

fly me to you

"Alright, alright but what’s the cost?"

Hate to be that person but… it depends. A “Fly me to You” experience can be more expensive because the provider comes to see you, exclusively. However, they may be more affordable than you think! Rates vary; some providers have all-inclusive rates while others offer custom bespoke rates. Personalization is a key aspect of bespoke rates considering location, duration, etc. Avoid last-minute bookings and holiday travel to keep costs down. Trust me, planning ahead is your friend. If you know you want a provider for a dinner date on April 21st, 2024 at 6:30pm, then start making arrangements now. Take time to review your budget and the provider’s policies. Estimate the grand total by adding the provider’s rate, flight and hotel costs, and around $500/day for activities and meals. This should give you a rough estimate.

"What's the best way to reach out?"

  1. The Windup: Research, research, research. It’s crucial to thoroughly research your companion’s website. Pay close attention to rates, any “fine print” (like do they want a separate room or how much time they require for sleep/alone time to be their absolutely best for you, etc), and your responsibilities during the trip including travel arrangements and expenses, meals, and activities. By doing so, you can ensure a smooth and enjoyable experience without any embarrassing mishaps.
  2. The Pitch: Reach out via email or booking form, based on provider preference:

    Booking Form: these allow for us to see all the information in a clear and organized format and some of us prefer this

    Email: If you’re new to the provider, include all screening information in your first email and ensure to provide as much date information as possible* (including duration, location, and plans).

    Consulting Fee: Consider offering a small consulting fee of $100, if it’s not already required, to demonstrate your seriousness and your appreciation for the provider’s time in managing the administrative tasks related to your date. It’s worth noting that FMTYs are often used as a carrot dangling mechanism to receive uncompensated attention, so providing even a small $100 consult fee shows your commitment to making it happen.

    *a note on bespoke rates: If a provider happens to offer customized, bespoke rates for extended dates, still provide all the information and include your budget (including travel costs). I acknowledge it can be scary to reach out when you don’t know what the base rate for their time will be, but in my experience, I greatly prioritize extended dates and the enthusiasm to spend so much time together so I do my best to ensure that we both feel respected and appreciated.

  3. The Swing: it’s all about timing isn’t it? Make sure to keep an eye on your email and ensure you follow up in a timely manner to provider questions or requests to proceed with deposit.
  4. The Home Run: You did it! The deposit has been sent, the flight and accommodations have been secured and your provider of choice is doing ALL the things to ensure that you two have an amazing time! Pat yourself on the back and eat your Wheaties… you’ll need it!

You deserve to have vivid memories that last you a lifetime; a lifetime that should be full of lush experiences sometimes with a sultry and charming companion to spice up your day, a business trip, or join you on a holiday! Let me be the must who brings excitement and happiness into your life. 

There’s something irresistibly sexy about a hot and wild affair – being summoned exclusively for you. If you’re away on business, I’ll keep myself entertained, but am sure to provide midday snacks and evening desserts.  Or if we holiday together, imagine me in a tiny bikini while you sip on tasty cocktails. Life doesn’t get much better in those moments. 

Whether it’s just one night or more, I’m available in the USA and worldwide. Let’s not miss out on an unforgettable experience.

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