I’m sure you’ve read 1000 times that “gifts aren’t a necessity” but I’ll be honest, I really LOVE gifts. While your presence alone is a gift, I grew up in working poor family so gifts genuinely make me smile!

Gifts have the power to demonstrate that you give a damn. The items that propel my future and enhance the coziness of my home (my favorite place other than next to you) hold the utmost significance. Take this opportunity to make a lasting impression with a thoughtful gesture.

My Most Wanted 
If you’re feeling especially kind, I’m on a Financial Independence and Retire Early plan & it’ll really make me swoon if you support my various financial goals. Maxing out a SEP-IRA account? Dropping part (or all!) of a student loan payment like it’s hot?! That’ll get the job done alright and make my panties drop in the process. 

Measurements, Lingerie, & Clothing
With 36G-31-44 measurements, skip the guesswork a gift card since I’ll likely have to have any item tailored due to my waist to hip ratio.

For our Date
If we’re meeting in the morning, a coffee with 4 Splendas and a dash of heavy cream is lovely. Meeting later and not doing lunch or dinner? Charcuterie boards with fresh berries specifically, meats and cheeses are lovely. I much prefer bourbon, scotch, and tequila to champagne.