I don’t have any expectations for our meeting, but I know many of you love to spoil me! Gifts are the way to my heart, and it warms me to see that people are thinking of me. Your presence alone is a gift, and whatever else you bring is simply icing on the cake. 

While gifts aren’t necessary, they have the power to grab my attention and demonstrate that you give a damn. The items that propel my future and enhance the coziness of my home (my favorite place other than next to you) hold the utmost significance. Take this opportunity to make a lasting impression with a thoughtful gesture.

My Most Wanted 
If you’re feeling especially kind, I’m on a Financial Independence and Retire Early plan & it’ll really make me swoon if you support my various financial goals. Maxing out a SEP-IRA account? Dropping part (or all!) of a student loan payment like it’s hot?! That’ll get the job done alright and make my panties drop in the process. 

Measurements, Lingerie, & Clothing
With 36G-31-44 measurements, skip the guesswork a gift card since I’ll likely have to have any item tailored due to my waist to hip ratio.

For our Date
If we’re meeting in the morning, a coffee with 4 Splendas and a dash of heavy cream is lovely. Meeting later and not doing lunch or dinner? Charcuterie boards with fresh berries specifically, meats and cheeses are lovely. I much prefer bourbon, scotch, and tequila to champagne.

Again, gifts are appreciated but never expected. Our time together is what I value the most!