A woman of humble beginnings, I do not expect gifts but they are welcome and I will never forget you should you send a gift or bring one to our date! It’s an easy way to make a great impression and become my favorite fella! 

Let’s start with the basics… 

While I appreciate the thought, please don’t bring me any more booze – it’s not just that my bar cart can’t fit one more bottle…my trainer said our relationship is ‘no bueno’ when there’s bourbon involved due to its inhibitive effects on muscle repair.

While I’m currently rocking a buxom 36H-30-44 physique, my body’s in store for some big changes with my new diet & exercise plan. So if you want me looking picture perfect why not skip all the guesswork with a clothing or lingerie gift card – it’s like giving twice as much love when I can buy something tailored just for me.

My Most Wanted 
If you’re feeling especially kind, join me on my journey of Financial Independence and Retire Early goals. I’ve been living by the FI/RE principles over the last 6 months, & it’ll really make me swoon if you support my various financial goals. You can sponsor my personal training sessions (I’m feeling fit!), tech from Apple for grad school and content creation that will have me buzzing smarter than ever before. Plus let’s talk about getting serious: Maxing out an IRA account? How about dropping part (or all!) of a credit card or student loan bill like it’s hot?! That’ll get the job done alright and make my panties drop in the process…

Thank you for thinking of me! xx




May be emailed to me directly: Contact@MeetPaigeSavage.Com
*absolute favorite