My life has never revolved around material possessions. Frankly, I’m practical to a fault often denying material pleasures to invest in stocks or pay a little extra on my student loans. A woman of humble beginnings, I have come to love and appreciate the quality of the finer things.

Gifts are NEVER expected but if you’re feeling kind, I have an affinity for polished, feminine, vintage, and tailored pieces.

May be emailed to me directly: Paige@MeetPaigeSavage.Com
*absolute favorite


Traveling is by far, hands down, shout from the rooftops, favorite thing to do.

Whether a quick weekend getaway or a week, galavanting, I want to explore with you as your adventure sidekick! Maybe some Ocean’s 11 type job in Vegas or some Kingsmen assignment in London?

Delta Airlines*
Uber*• AirBNB 


As a lifelong learner, I enjoy being exposed to new ideas, especially by you. While I can wax poetic on the French Revolution, when it comes to matters I’m a novice in, the cliche is true: knowledge is power. The ability to reach out to you (if you & time permit) when I need advice would be lovely.

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