Most Frequently Asked Questions

You've got questions. I've got answers...

Minneapolis GFE Ebony Escort

When not touring, I am based in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

I am primarily available for outcalls. Luxe hotel can be arranged for an additional fee ($150) & a 90 minute booking minimum applies.

combination of some real world information and at least ONE of the following will get the ball rolling when it comes to meeting.

  • Government-issued photo identification OR

  • Employment verification OR

  • Reputable provider references (website, email + be active on social media)

I accept CashApp, Venmo, Zelle, virtual gift cards, crypto & cash.

For any cash payments, I especially enjoy when the infamous envelope is thoughtfully tucked inside the dustcover of your favorite book or vinyl record.

I’m so proud to be among the Minneapolis Top 10 and USA Top 100 hundred providers – it really speaks volumes about & lends credibility to the quality of my services. That said, our time is a unique, special thing – let’s take care to protect it from the constraints of external judgement.

Reviews have real world consequences though as I’ve seen them used in employment or custody disputes with colleagues.

Discretion is the name of the game and I value confidentiality and privacy. That said, if you feel so obliged to write a review or in the rare case that I suggest you write one, I kindly request that you keep it respectful. Please be cognizant regarding the personal and intimate details of our date.  Please understand that this is for my protection as well as yours.

If you’d like to read more reviews, please visit my testimonials page.

Please be sober, freshly showered, with teeth brushed, the infamous envelope in hand, and ready to have an amazing experience. Ensure you bring my rate in full & extra if you wish to extend.

To make things simpler, presort the patronage in the highest denominations possible, $20s at least; $100s would be preferred and place it in the infamous envelope. 

Some simple ways to win me over? Fresh berries or a charcuterie board with some champagne and H2O. And while never expected gift cards to Delta, Uber, AirBNB, or gifts from my wishlist are as well.

Most dates start off with a meal or drink and go from there. I value connection and building our chemistry is paramount to a great time together. I’m a playful and sensual girlfriend and my clients agree that our time together gets better every single time, and leaves us both longing for our next rendezvous.

Dates 3H or longer require a bit of public social time whether that be drinks, a meal, an adventure, or preferably, all three! If you need to stay in suite for discretionary reasons, please add an additional $500 to the rate.

I’m very sweet but I’m only communicating my boundaries once. 

If at any time I find myself uncomfortable I reserve the right to leave without explanation or request you leave immediately. Reasons for terminating a consultation may be due but not limited to unacceptable hygiene, unsatisfactory location, substance usage, and troubling behavior/attitude. I do not tolerate crude behavior or verbal harassment regardless of whom it may be. The full donation for my time still applies if our date is cancelled for an issue with your conduct.

Above all, another date and more time with you is the best gift you can give me. 
I love dressing up and pride myself on being a fashionable date. People have gone so far as to shake my date’s hand when seeing us together.

Benefactors who wish to contribute to my collection of lingerie & pretty dresses are always welcome! My hourglass curves mean most purchases must be tailored to my measurements, so gift cards are the best option.

Gift cards to Bordelle or Revolve are a perfect way for me to pick out something pretty for our next date.

If you prefer the element of surprise, you may peruse my wishlist here.

After our first date, you no longer have to go through my formal booking process. Instead you can email me directly or text me. Do not share my personal contact details with anyone.

Finally, it is possible we may run into one another while out and about, whether alone or with friends or family. The world is much smaller than we care to admit and I love to be in it. Please respect my desire for discretion and do not call out to me or approach me. A knowing wink, nod, or small wave should be sufficient

Of course!
I am fully vaccinated, passport ready & back to my globe-trotting lifestyle.
Travel bookings within the US require, at minimum, an afternoon or evening together (4 to 6 hours).
An overnight to two-day minimum applies for travel bookings to all other destinations, depending on the location.
A 50% deposit, in addition to business-class airfare, will be required to finalize our trip.

It’s not unusual for me to meet first-time clients through travel bookings. However, screening would require employment verification and a photo of your government-issued photo ID & if you have them, provider references to help ensure my safety.

A few other details: 

  • for privacy, I book all my own travel
  • catching Zs: I do ask for a minimum of 5 hours of sleep for 16H overnights and 7 hours of sleep per night for 24H or multi-day engagements to be bright eyed, bushy-tailed, and in fine-fettle for you
  • sleeping arrangements: I would like to be your bedfellow… unless of course your bed behavior is horrid. Think very loudly snoring, thrashing about, sleepwalking, etc. To be fair, I look quite adorable fresh-faced in the morning. Don’t be surprised if I sneak out of bed early though to brush my teeth
  • alone time: the time I’ve put into my body wasn’t done by sitting on the couch. I kindly request 2 hours a day to go to the gym, freshen up, journal, and handle any personal matters. 

The simple answer is… yes.

I have been photo/ID verified by several ad platforms and on third party content sites. I also have a plethora of selfies, photos, and videos on Twitter, Instagram, my Premium Content site, and now Playboy Centerfold. In addition, I aim to have a professional photoshoot several times a year. It’s an expensive undertaking but I love it and I’d love it even more if you sponsored a shoot!

I’m quite the petite package but I pack a punch; a voluptuous dynamo with the body built for your pleasure! Standing only 5’5″ with tattoos, pierced ears and nose (complete with a small diamond stud), I’m a siren of seduction with an hourglass figure you can wrap your hands around. My curves are voluptuous yet toned—my tummy flat, waist grabbable—and they’ve been described as “womanly built for sin”. In addition to perfect facial features and smile, admirers often comment on my mesmerizing hip-waist ratio. To stay in peak shape I work out four times a week with help from my trainer friend who pushes me just enough. I’m often told I look even better in person.

My clients often note how present I am during our time together. They see how much even I crave and enjoy connection and building authentic, playful, and adventurous relationships. If you’re too caught up with the notions of “menus” and “services” then we’re probably not a good fit.

A long term friend described me as a “badass chick” and “supremely down to earth”. Another friend told me that I’m, “Not just eye candy but soul food.” So while the first thing that may have caught your attention was my attractive appearance, my depth of character and soul will keep you coming back. I’m a lifelong learner and travel as often as possible. I find being open to new ideas and experiences allows me to get along with just about anyone. I’m more than a distraction; I’m here to nourish you with real conversations, true intimacy, and meaningful moments together. Our connection could be a delectable blend of openness, honesty and intimacy – soulful food like no other. Let’s savor every bite!

First and foremost, you must be human. I do not discriminate based on race, color, body type, disability, or any of the other identities that make you well… you!

For me, just a little bit of life experience goes an incredibly long way. I’m drawn to gentlemen over 25 as our connection is often that much deeper. Not everyone is well-suited and that’s totally okay!

The company I keep is a bit like me: they don’t fit into one neat and tidy box. Who they are to the public is different from who they are in private – I get to see the softer side. More importantly, they want more than eye candy, they want soul food. They appreciate a woman who is not only physically beautiful but also clever, cheeky, and confident. They are generous – they treat others well from servers to doormen to valets. And like myself, they have a strong desire for authentic connection, adventure, and playfulness.

I have a feeling that’s you. Are you ready?

Nothing’s more attractive than a man that knows what he wants, especially when it includes me. And I adore the familiarity of an ongoing arrangement with a lover where genuine connection can thrive and grow.

Non-exclusive arrangements begin at $12,500 with a 2 month minimum.
Exclusive arrangements begin at $25,000 with a 3 month minimum.

“They slipped briskly into an intimacy from which they never recovered.”