Often described as an enigma, there are some things that shouldn’t remain a mystery.

I’ll keep it “100”: filling out my booking form or sending a well-thought out email! I am inundated with email inquiries daily and without the aid of an assistant, I have to streamline things. Inquiries lacking required screening information and/or requesting information that is outlined on my website will receive a template response.

Personal Identifying Information (PII): legal name, email, phone number, age, & city of residence 

In addition to your PII, at least one of the following:

  1. P411 Members: 3 “okays” from ACTIVE Providers from the last 12 months + a real phone number
  2. Two Provider References: their names, emails, & websites from providers met w/in last 6 months
  3. Employment Information: company name, your title, LinkedIn URL + work number
  4. Valid State/Gov’t issued ID: a clear & legible photo of your ID & a photo of you holding the ID

I have no desire to argue regarding my verification standards which are non-negotiable. There is zero possibility of us meeting and/or working together unless you are willing to send the information I have requested.

Asking me to allow you access to my person in private without knowing you who are is… wild. My only goal with screening is to ensure that I do not end up in a life-threatening OR compromising position that would require me to divulge any information to any person or agency. I screen to protect me and you. Within this industry, Black and brown women are more likely to be sexually assaulted, robbed, and/or murdered. That said, please understand why I make zero exceptions.

I understand that you may not be comfortable with my standards. If that is the case, I wish you the best in your search and I simply ask that you refrain from contacting me. I hope you find someone who’s protocols are more aligned with your needs.

Meeting anyone for the first time can be nerve-wracking and if it means anything, I’m nervous as well. Here are some suggestions though:

  • Read this site thoroughly before you reach out and again before our date
  • Pay particular attention to my etiquetterates, and this FAQ page

The best part of our relationship is how it will grow and evolve over time to become more intimate, vulnerable, and ridiculously fun… if you allow it to.

Deposits are required at my discretion but always for the following: ALL engagements outside of the Twin Cities metro area, all engagements 2H or longer, and all travel engagements or at my discretion. Deposits may be paid via Zelle, Venmo, CashApp, Bitcoin, Gift Card, or cash in mail to my business address.

Deposits show that you are committed to meeting as I have invested a significant amount of time to set up the engagement and will also be spending an even greater amount of time to get ready and/or ensure that our time together is tailored to a your likes.

I’m not sure. If I am in your city, I’ll provide proper notice via social media and other platforms. However, you can easily get me to your location via an exclusive “fly me to you” or by sponsoring a tour.

It’s cliche but I sincerely love to travel. I’m an easy going traveler as well. Then again, I’ve been jet-setting for a while – I knew MSP, DCA, and DFW like the back of my hand when I was a teen. That said, travel mishaps rarely stress me out and I’ve gotten it down to a science about when to arrive at the airport to get through security, snag some coffee (or a bourbon), and arrive at the gate right on time for boarding. Also, I’m a bit of a loyalist… Delta Airlines is my favorite for Domestic trips (Virgin Atlantic, Emrites, and Qatar for international bookings) but if it makes more sense… I’ll go to another airline.

Sticking to an agenda isn’t my style. Save for a few “must dos/sees”, I would rather let us leave our time up to whim and whimsy. Here are some details you must know:

  • I book all my own travel
  • Sleep: I do ask for a minimum of 5 hours of sleep for 16H overnights and 6-7 hours of sleep per night for 24H or multi-day engagements to be bright eyed, bushy-tailed, and in fine-fettle for you
  • Sleeping Arragements: Unless you bed behavior is absolutely egregious, I would like to be your bedfellow! I look quite adorable fresh-faced in the morning. Don’t be surprised if I sneak out of bed early though to brush my teeth
  • Alone Time: I request roughly 2-3 hours max a day to handle any personal matters and time for the gym

Most likely, I missed your message or it landed in my spam folder. I receive numerous inquires daily and I can miss an email from time to time as I do not keep an assistant. Otherwise, it could be in my spam folder which I only check once a week.

Otherwise, I may have decided we are not a good match. Normally, I will email you and inform you that I think it best to look elsewhere. If I didn’t repond at all, something in your email may have made me uncomfortable.

You are welcome to use me as a reference if we have met within the last 6 months; however, please do not abuse my kindness by using me as a reference more than two times since our last meeting. Please do not give out my unlisted phone number or email. Also, please refrain from sharing any personal details I may share with you during our time together. You cannot ask for discretion if you are unwilling to give it in return. 

Yes, it’s me! I know it can be difficult these days to discern who is who, especially when there is a lack of a blue check mark next to my name. However, it is me! Being a model means I participate in photoshoots consistently so my portfolio is consistently updated. I also regularly post selfies and photos from my day-to-day life on my TwitterInstagram, and Premium Content site.

My website, social media presence, VIP content site, blog, and correspondence should help you discern what’s what.

Well, I’m in my late-twenties and a vertically challenged 5’5” in height! I have several tattoos, my ears are pierced, and so is my nose on the right side with a small & simple diamond stud usually. My photos show my figure in detail and my measurements are 38F-32-47. I don’t believe it’s necessary to include my weight to retain bookings, as it is an arbitrary number that should not be used to establish health and/or value.

Please know that from early 2015 to early 2018, I lost over 150lbs through old fashioned diet and exercise.  I would be remiss to not divulge that I do have a few scars from plastic surgery to remove excess skin. This hasn’t been an issue for any of my clients. To my surprise, all have expressed their admiration of my discipline and willpower. Regardless, I want to be transparent.

First and foremost, they need to be human. *laughs*

I see those of legal age (18+) and do not discriminate based on race, color, body type, disability, or any of the other identities that make you well… you!

Although I do brand in a particular way to attract clients who are compatible with me, hence why you’re here, those that pursue my company are a bit like me: they don’t fit into one neat and tidy box. I’ve been privileged to spend time with people of various genders and sexual orientations, abilities, races and ethnicities, political views, and more with careers that span from blue collar to gold collar and more.

No matter what, here is what I have observed: my clients want more than eye candy, they want soul food. They appreciate a woman who is not only physically beautiful but also razor-sharp mentally, emotionally, and intellectually.

Recently, a new friend said that I’m, “just a badass chick” and “supremely down to earth”. Look, I like to check pretension at the door. Don’t get me wrong, I’m accomplished but we’re all only experts in our own experience and a person who knows everything cannot learn anything. That said, I’m a lifelong learner and travel as often as possible. I find being open to new ideas and experiences allows me to get along with just about anyone. And I’m always game for a chat so clients are free to reach out to me anytime within reason *winks*.

As a Southern woman, I believe in making an effort. That means handwritten “thank you” notes – if I can give one, making sure my incall feels comfortable, and a minimum of 20 minutes a day primping… oh and never leaving the house with wet hair. It’s less about vanity than self-respect. It’s just how I was raised. I like to look good whether I’m at the airport, in the grocery store, or on your arm. Which brings me to my looks.

My body has been described as “womanly” and “built for sin” with a flat tummy, ample curves in all the right places, and a waist that you can grab onto. My pretty face, perfect smile, and waist to hip ratio are my most complimented features. I currently work with my trainer four times a week, virtually and in person, and follow a ketogenic diet.

I have been vaccinated and thankfully no blood clots to speak of. I am not seeing clients experiencing illness. In addition, all clients are required to shower, wash their hands, and use mouthwash prior to a session. While masks are not required to be worn, I am open to doing so if you’d prefer. Finally, my incall is sanitized between visits.

This is a bit of a loaded question. At this time, I have not instituted a “no review” policy but I am cautious about them.

Our time together is our own and I curate it specifically to you. That said, our time should not be pressured to conform to outside expectations. 

Discretion is the name of the game and I value confidentiality and privacy. That said, if you feel so obliged to write a review or in the rare case that I suggest you write one, I kindly request that you keep it respectful. Please be cognizant regarding the personal and intimate details of our date.  Please understand that this is for my protection as well as yours.

Well, I’m going to make it blatantly obvious by wearing Julia Roberts’ outfit from Pretty Woman… duh! 

I do not dress overtly or provocatively unless absolutely requested. I opt for either a more casual look or sophisticated glam with something lovely underneath.