You've got questions. I've got answers...


I am now based part-time in the Northeast Corridor and will be based in the Northeast full-time in June 2023.

When touring, I will always have an upscale hotel or private incall location to host out of.

For local incalls in the New Jersey, Philadelphia, or Delaware area, please kindly add $150 to the patronage so I may secure our incall location.

If I am not currently hosting in your city, I am also available for TMTY (train-me-to-you) within 48 to 72 hours to most cities in the Northeast (DC, NYC, Boston, etc.), or FMTY (fly-me-to-you) nationwide.

Meeting me is actually quite easy, if you’re willing to put in the slightest effort. 

Take the time to look over my website  because 1) this *waves hand at website* was built for you and 2) men who read**? SPLOOSH!

Typically 1 to 2 weeks’ notice should secure your name on my dance card, however extended travel engagements require more notice. I usually reserve same day bookings for those whom I’m familiar with and are extra generous.

You’d be surprised how much the initial email/form tells you about a person. So, when you’re ready, fill out the booking form or send me an email.  Once the verification is completed & the deposit is received, you’ll receive my unlisted number to use for briefer exchanges. 

The short answer is simply this: In order to schedule an appointment with me you will need to be screened and verified by filling out my booking form or sending an email. 

The long winded answer? Screening is a risk management tool used to determine if I should spend time with someone in private. But it’s also about you. Screening protects you by ensuring that I am not found in a compromising position where I might be asked to inform on others.

Discretion is of upmost importance to me so rest assured that any screening information you provide is for my eyes only.

My screening options are as follows:

  • Provider References (minimum of 2)
  • Employment verification: LinkedIn URL and/or photo of your work badge or business card
  • ID verification: photo of your ID and photo of you holding your ID
  • P411 Appointment Request or PD Screening Request

I’m so proud to be among the Minneapolis Top 10 and USA Top 100 hundred providers – it really speaks volumes about & lends credibility to the quality of my services. On the flip side, reviews have their downside too; I’ve seen people use the threat of negative reviews as leverage to receive discounts or things that a provider normally does not do. Even more troubling is when those reviews cross over into real life affairs like employment disputes that use “preponderance of the evidence” as their evidentiary threshold.

Our time is a unique, special thing – let’s take care to protect it from the constraints of external judgement. You and I can create something beautiful together that doesn’t have to fit into anyone else’s mold.

If you’d like to read more reviews, please visit my testimonials page!

First and foremost, you must be human. I do not discriminate based on race, color, body type, disability, or any of the other identities that make you well… you!

For me, just a little bit of life experience goes an incredibly long way. I’m drawn to gentlemen over 25 as our connection is often that much deeper. Not everyone is well-suited and that’s totally okay!

The company I keep is a bit like me: they don’t fit into one neat and tidy box. Who they are to the public is different from who they are in private – I get to see the softer side. More importantly, they want more than eye candy, they want soul food. They appreciate a woman who is not only physically beautiful but also clever, cheeky, and confident. They are generous – they treat others well from servers to doormen to valets. And like myself, they have a strong desire for authentic connection, adventure, and playfulness.

I have a feeling that’s you. Are you ready?

You bet your ass it is!

I have been photo/ID verified by several ad platforms and on third party content sites like Only Fans, and Playboy Centerfold. I also have a plethora of selfies, photos, and videos on Twitter, Instagram, my Premium Content site, and now Playboy Centerfold. In addition, I aim to have a professional photoshoot roughly 5 times a year. It’s an expensive undertaking but I love it and I’d love it even more if you sponsored a shoot!

I’m quite the petite package but I pack a punch; a voluptuous dynamo with the body built for your pleasure! Standing only 5’5″ with tattoos, pierced ears and nose (complete with a small diamond stud), I’m a siren of seduction with an hourglass figure you can wrap your hands around. My curves are voluptuous yet toned—my tummy flat, waist grabbable—and they’ve been described as “womanly built for sin”. In addition to perfect facial features and smile, admirers often comment on my mesmerizing hip-waist ratio. To stay in peak shape I work out four times a week with help from my trainer friend who pushes me just enough. Throw all these into one attractive bundle – where looks can stop traffic – why not take your chance? Let’s hope you think so too; after all , it seems everyone agrees: The real deal always beats any photo online!

My clients often note how present I am during our time together. They see how much even I crave and enjoy connection and building authentic, playful, and adventurous relationships. If you’re too caught up with the notions of “menus” and “services” then we’re probably not a good fit.

A long term friend described me as a “badass chick” and “supremely down to earth”. I’m a lifelong learner and travel as often as possible. I find being open to new ideas and experiences allows me to get along with just about anyone. 

As a Southern Belle, I subscribe to the belief that true beauty is more than skin deep. That being said, when it comes to my appearance nothing short of perfection will do! From handwritten “thank you” notes and providing an inviting environment for incalls, right down to the minimum 20 minutes of primping everyday – good looks are treated with respect in my book. In fact they’re considered so important – wet hair won’t ever be seen outside this mama’s door (not even at airports or grocery stores!) It’s not about vanity as much as self-expression; after all these habits have been instilled since birth!

Another friend told me that I’m, “Not just eye candy but soul food.” So while the first thing that may have caught your attention was my attractive appearance, my depth of character and soul will keep you coming back. I’m more than a distraction; I’m here to nourish you with real conversations, true intimacy, and meaningful moments together. Our connection could be a delectable blend of openness, honesty and intimacy – soulful food like no other. Let’s savor every bite!

Absolutely! It’s not unusual for me to meet first-time clients through travel bookings.

I am fully vaccinated, passport ready & back to my jet-setting, globe-trotting lifestyle.

Train Me To You bookings in the Northeastern Corridor require, at a minimum, an afternoon together (3 hours).

Fly Me To You bookings are region dependent. But typically, the further away you are from the East Coast, the longer the appointment. 

An overnight to two-day minimum applies for all international travel bookings, depending on the location.

A 50% deposit, in addition to business-class airfare, will be required to finalize our trip.


If you have special requests like a specific hair or wardrobe style or nail color, make sure they’re communicated at least 72 hours before our rendezvous or before I leave for tour. But keep in mind that some special requests come with an extra fee.

When it comes to moments of intimate bliss, tidiness is a must! Please be sober, freshly showered with teeth brushed.

Gifts are always appreciated but not expected. Fresh berries & champagne are simple ways to win me over, as is jewelry & Chanel handbags 😉

Please be as considerate of my time as you of yours and remember our date starts and ends at the agreed upon times.

Envelope in hand, ensure you bring my rate in full & extra if you wish to extend.  To make things simpler, presort the patronage in the highest denominations possible, $20s at least; $100s would be preferred and place it in the infamous envelope. If we’re meeting privately, you can place the envelope on a nearby counter or inside a book or gift bag if we are out publicly. 

Come ready to have a fabulous experience!

Let’s get this out of the way: Please conduct yourself accordinglyIf at any time I find myself uncomfortable I reserve the right to leave without explanation or request you leave immediately. Reasons for terminating a consultation may be due but not limited to unacceptable hygiene, unsatisfactory location, substance usage, and troubling behavior/attitude. I do not tolerate crude behavior or verbal harassment regardless of whom it may be. The full donation for my time still applies if our date is cancelled for an issue with your conduct.

Dates 3H or longer require a bit of public social time whether that be drinks, a meal, an adventure, or preferably, all three! If you need to stay in suite for discretionary reasons, please add an additional $500 to the rate.

If we’re traveling together, take a look below for some ways to ensure that I can spoil you!

I’m very sweet but I was in the military. I’m only communicating my boundaries once. 

I tend to get lost in the reverie during our time together so I ask that you are also mindful of our time. My schedule is robust; a bustling social life, owning another business, being active in my community, and now being back in grad school for my second masters. If you would like to extend our date, please ask first and if I am available, kindly have the additional patronage ready.

Once we come back down to Earth and go our separate ways, it’s my hope that what may have started as a chance encounter becomes a connection that we explore deeper. 

After our first date, you no longer have to go through my formal booking process. Instead you can email me directly or text me. I kindly implore you to not call unless we’ve scheduled on and to not share my personal contact details with anyone.

Finally, it is possible we may run into one another while out and about, whether alone or with friends or family. The world is much smaller than we care to admit and I love to be in it. Please respect my desire for discretion and do not call out to me or approach me. A knowing wink, nod, or small wave should be sufficient.

Struggling with date ideas for anything over 3H? I got you!

Dates 3H or longer require a bit of public social time. That could be grabbing a drink, a meal, or partaking in an activity, or preferably all 3. 

Truly, I go stir crazy if I have to sit within the same 4 walls for three hours. But if you absolutely want to or need to out of discretion, I can. It’ll be an additional $500.

Sticking to an agenda isn’t my style. Save for a few “must dos/sees”, I would rather let us leave our time up to whim and whimsy. Here are some details you must know:

  • for privacy, I book all my own travel
  • catching Zs: I do ask for a minimum of 5 hours of sleep for 16H overnights and 7-8 hours of sleep per night for 24H or multi-day engagements to be bright eyed, bushy-tailed, and in fine-fettle for you
  • sleeping arrangements: I would like to be your bedfellow… unless of course your bed behavior is horrid. Think very loudly snoring, thrashing about, sleepwalking, etc. To be fair, I look quite adorable fresh-faced in the morning. Don’t be surprised if I sneak out of bed early though to brush my teeth
  • alone time: the time I’ve put into my body wasn’t done by sitting on the couch. I kindly request roughly 2-3 hours a day to go to the gym, freshen up, journal, and handle any personal matters. 

I intended on strutting up to our date with some serious confidence – a white crop top, blue mini skirt, thigh-high patent leather boots and blonde bob wig? Consider me your own personal Pretty Woman. But don’t worry–I vetoed that look for something more subtle. I’m just having a bit of fun!

When I’m dolled up, the stares of admiration and envy from onlookers is undeniable. People have even gone so far as to shake my date’s hand or give a different client a show of respect like in one instance when someone ‘dapped’ him, a white man, up – gotta love Black culture! Your girl always knows how to make an impression!

Are you ready to have your own moment of glory?

Discretion is the name of the game and I value confidentiality and privacy. That said, if you feel so obliged to write a review or in the rare case that I suggest you write one, I kindly request that you keep it respectful. Please be cognizant regarding the personal and intimate details of our date.  Please understand that this is for my protection as well as yours.

“They slipped briskly into an intimacy from which they never recovered.”