NYC Ebony GFE Escort

NYC Ebony GFE Escort

I am a strictly touring provider. My wanderlust is insatiable and I’m always ready for a thrilling journey to meet new faces – or catch up with those I’ve built amazing relationships with. If your city’s on my list, be sure to secure our exciting rendezvous quickly!

City not listed below?
Fly (domestic & international) or Train (NE Corridor only) me to you is available with 72 hours notice. 

27th – 29th: Austin, TX

1st – 9th: Minneapolis, MN
10th – 17th: Exclusive Travel Booking (Montana)
18th – 21st: Exclusive Travel Booking (Kansas City, MO)
27th – 28th: New York, NY

MARCH 2023
1st: New York, NY
2nd – 4th: Philadelphia, PA
5th – 8th: Tysons, VA
27th – 28th: Boston, MA
29th – 31st: Portland, ME