Minneapolis escort rates

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Growing up in the South, my roots run deep and I’m eager to share them with you. One of the classic rituals of Southern cooking is seasoning a cast iron skillet just right, placing the well-worn pan over a flame to develop a beautifully crispy coating that will last for ages. And just like the time-honored art of skillet seasoning, I believe that a true connection requires the same patience, care, and intentionality. That’s why longer engagements, like dinner dates and overnights, are encouraged and priced to reflect my preference.

I’ve lived a full and fascinating life, and I’m quite certain I’ll be just as fascinated by you and your story. So let’s connect over a dimly lit dinner, drink in hand (an Islay scotch for me), as we swap stories that’ll leave us laughing until our bellies hurt.

Miss TER – Summer 2021 • TER – Top 100 Worldwide + Minnesota Top 3 Provider
P411 – P235497

Minneapolis escort rates

Minneapolis escort rates

here’s to having one hell of an adventure, all day & all night
Please inquire for special rates!

Have me for dessert, your late night snack, & for a languorous breakfast in bed
up to 18 hours | 5000

your “Girl Friday” & a wickedly sure thing 
12 to 14 hours | 4500


indulgent girlfriend with a bit of a naughty streak
1 hour | 600* outcall only
1.5 hours | 800
2 hours | 1000
3 hours | $1300

wine me, dine me, you know the rest 
4 hours | 1700
6 hours | 2500*
8 hours | 3000
*client favorite in Minneapolis


indulgent girlfriend with a bit of a naughty streak
1 hour | 700
1.5 hours | 1000
2 hours | 1200
3 hours | 1700

wine me, dine me, you know the rest 
4 hours | 2200 
6 hours | 3000
8 hours | 3600*
client & my personal favorite


Minneapolis Incall/Outcall
Outcall: Preferred • Incall: + $100 (dates 3H or less)

In Suite Date
Dates 3H+ require time in public. Want to stay in the room? + $500

please add an additional $500 with a 3H minimum

Please honor rate matching to the higher rate. 

Social Date
 $350/HR (no private time)

Virtual Dating:
Unlimited Texting, Pictures, & Videos: 500/week, 1500/month

Love Letters:
$200/letter with a polaroid + spritz of my perfume

Custom Erotica*
$200/story (most tipped for service on Only Fans!)

Submissive, dominant, fetish, roleplay & fantasy bookings are available at an additional fee.
You must complete and pass screening to receive the password to access this information. There are no exceptions.


As the saying goes, life is like a river – constantly flowing and never stopping. It can be a whirlwind of work, obligations, and responsibilities that leave us exhausted and drained. But with VIP Date Packages and arrangements, you can pause the chaos and treat yourself to a special moment with someone who truly values your time. These packages offer a sweet escape from the pressures of everyday life, allowing you to sink into the arms of relaxation and pleasure. I want to be your partner in this journey – your reminder that no matter how hard you work, you deserve to play just as hard. So let’s take a breath, drown out the noise, and indulge in each other’s company.

only available in Minneapolis, Minnesota

four 2 hour dates OR 
four 4 hour dinner dates
use within 4 months
prioritized scheduling
two overnights (up to 12 hours each)
two dinner dates (up to 4 hours each)
use within 4 months
prioritized scheduling
four overnights (up to 18 hours each)
OR four 24 hour dates
use within 4 months
prioritized scheduling


There’s something about a man who exudes confidence and determination that’s just so irresistible. And when that man knows exactly what he wants – and that happens to be me – well, it’s enough to send shivers down my spine. That’s why a long-term arrangement can be so enticing. It’s like watching a puzzle piece click into place, a sense of satisfaction that comes with knowing that you’re the missing piece in someone’s life. A partnership built on that kind of understanding is so much more than just a transactional agreement. It’s a beautiful balance of give and take, where we both find solace and security in each other’s company allowing us to thrive. For me, that might mean having more time to pursue my other interests and passions. And for you? That means having a soft place to land when other aspects of your life get hectic.

What could be more alluring than that?

SEMI-EXCLUSIVE $10K+ MONTHLY / 2 month minimum
EXCLUSIVE $25K+ MONTHLY / 3 month minimum 

LET'S Make a night of it...