Minneapolis GFE Escort Rates

Minneapolis GFE Escort Rates


Minneapolis: I maintain an upscale incall just a hair west of Uptown in Minneapolis and am available for outcalls within reasonable distance.

The booking minimum for outcalls is 1.5 hours. Please add a $50 fee for outcalls within the Minneapolis city core (Downtown + 15 minute radius). Kindly add a $100 outcall fee for inquiries that require over 30min travel from Minneapolis and $200 travel fee for outcalls requiring 90minutes + travel time from Minneapolis. Outcalls that require over 3 hours travel will be considered a Drive/Fly Me To You.

Traveling: When traveling, I prefer that you come to me so incall will be provided with no additional fee. Outcalls will incur an additional fee of $100.


Couples are warmly welcome. Both parties must pass screening. Please kindly add 300 to my hourly rate.

Women who would like to meet solo are also warmly welcome.


A man who knows what he wants is enthralling, especially when what he wants is me. Relationships of this magnitude are totally bespoke. The “one size fits all” approach isn’t my M.O. when  we need to create and curate something that works for both of us. To begin the conversation, at a minimum, let’s meet over lunch or dinner.

New York City GFE Escort

You’d be surprised how much the initial email/form tells you about a person. So, take the time to look over my website  because 1) this *waves hand at website* was built for you and 2) men who read**? SPLOOSH!

I’ve always been keen on people who are funny, kind, and respectful. So, when you’re ready, fill out the booking form or send me an email. Once the verification is completed, you’ll receive my unlisted number to use for briefer exchanges. 

Hmmm – does a duck quack? All dates are subject to a 25% deposit at my request. I am a part-time companion with limited time spread out between professional and personal pursuits. Deposits show that you are cool, respectful, and have some “skin in the game”.

Look, not to be a brat but I’ve worked way too hard over the last two years to make a name for myself and prove I’m trustworthy. Also…

  1. I have no desire to “scam” you.
  2. Contrary to popular belief, I cannot retire off of $150… oh and
  3. I want to keep the clients I meet and finally
  4.  Deposits sit in a secondary savings account that I don’t even touch until after our date. Yeah… I actually would like for us to really dig one another and keep seeing one another. 

Currency exchanged is for my time & attention only. Patronage should be presented at the start of our time together, in the envelope or in the pages of a book or in a gift bag if meeting in public, & in the highest denominations available ($20’s & above, please).

“Cash is King” but electronic methods are available should you wish to remit the patronage that way.

if Murphy’s Law rears its ugly head, here’s how to proceed.

Should I cancel and we cannot reschedule:  You receive a full refund of all deposits within 48hours

If you need to raincheck, I will apply your deposit to ONE future date within four months of our original date. More than one rain-check per deposit will result in the deposit being forfeited and a new one being required for the new date

• Less than 48 hours’ notice: 50% of total rate cancellation fee
• Less than 24 hours of notice incurs a 100% of total rate cancellation fee.

Most people know the “12 P’s” but I use the “6 P’s”. Say it with me: Prior Preparation and Planning Prevents the Pain of not being able to meet Paige.

My calendar is updated weekly and although, I’m rarely available last minute, if Lady Luck is on your side, I kindly ask that you pad the envelope with an extra “Benjamin” for working my magic in a short amount of time.

In-date extensions: 500/hr.

Sticking to an agenda isn’t my style. Save for a few “must dos/sees”, I would rather let us leave our time up to whim and whimsy. Here are some details you must know:

  • for privacy, I book all my own travel
  • catching Zs: I do ask for a minimum of 5 hours of sleep for 16H overnights and 7-8 hours of sleep per night for 24H or multi-day engagements to be bright eyed, bushy-tailed, and in fine-fettle for you
  • sleeping arrangements: I would like to be your bedfellow… unless of course your bed behavior is horrid. Think very loudly snoring, thrashing about, sleepwalking, etc. To be fair, I look quite adorable fresh-faced in the morning. Don’t be surprised if I sneak out of bed early though to brush my teeth
  • alone time: I request roughly 2-3 hours a day to handle any personal matters and time for the gym

First and foremost, you must be human. From there, you must be of legal age (18+), preferably 23+, and I do not discriminate based on race, color, body type, disability, or any of the other identities that make you well… you!

The company I keep is a bit like me: they don’t fit into one neat and tidy box. Who they are to the public is different from who they are in private – I get to see the softer side. More importantly, they want more than eye candy, they want soul food. They appreciate a woman who is not only physically beautiful but also clever, cheeky, and confident. They are generous – they treat others well from servers to doormen to valets. And like myself, they have a strong desire for authentic connection, adventure, and playfulness.

Please conduct yourself accordinglyIf at any time I find myself uncomfortable I reserve the right to leave without explanation or request you leave immediately. Reasons for terminating a consultation may be due but not limited to unacceptable hygiene, unsatisfactory location, substance usage, and troubling behavior/attitude.

Struggling with date ideas for anything over 3H? I got you!

As you know, dates 3H or longer require a bit of public social time. That could be grabbing a drink, a meal, seeing a play, visiting a museum, axe throwing, golfing, you name it!

Truly, I go stir crazy if I have to sit within the same 4 walls for three hours. But if you absolutely want to or need to out of discretion, I can. It’ll be an additional $500 for 3H and an additional $100 for every hour after that.

Like you, I crave connection and enjoy building authentic, playful, and adventurous relationships. If you’re too caught up with the notions of “menus” and “services” then we’re probably not a good fit.

A long term friend described me as a “badass chick” and “supremely down to earth”. I’m a lifelong learner and travel as often as possible. I find being open to new ideas and experiences allows me to get along with just about anyone. 

As a Southern woman, I believe in making an effort. That means handwritten “thank you” notes – if I can give one, making sure my incall feels comfortable, and a minimum of 20 minutes a day primping… oh and never leaving the house with wet hair. It’s less about vanity than self-respect. It’s just how I was raised. I like to look good whether I’m at the airport, in the grocery store, or on your arm.

A vertically challenged 5’5” in height, I have several tattoos, my ears are pierced, and so is my nose on the right side with a small diamond stud. My photos show my figure in detail and my measurements are 38F-32-47. I don’t believe it’s necessary to include my weight to retain bookings, as it is an arbitrary number that should not be used to establish health and/or value.

My body has been described as “womanly” and “built for sin” with a flat tummy, ample curves in all the right places, and a waist that you can grab onto. My pretty face, perfect smile, and waist to hip ratio are my most complimented features. I currently work with my trainer four times a week.

Please know that from early 2015 to early 2018, I lost over 150lbs through good ole’ fashioned diet and exercise.  I would be remiss to not divulge that I do have scars from plastic surgery to remove excess skin. This hasn’t been an issue for any of my clients. To my surprise, all have expressed their admiration of my discipline and willpower. Regardless, I want to be transparent.

The feelings are mixed. On one hand, I am honored to be a Minneapolis Top 10 provider and USA Top 100 provider. On the other, I am cautious about them because I have seen the threat of negative reviews be wielded by clients I have opted not to see. And I’ve seen reviews be used against colleagues in their real life muggle affairs. 

Our time together is our own and I curate it specifically to you. That said, our time should not be pressured to conform to outside expectations. 

Discretion is the name of the game and I value confidentiality and privacy. That said, if you feel so obliged to write a review or in the rare case that I suggest you write one, I kindly request that you keep it respectful. Please be cognizant regarding the personal and intimate details of our date.  Please understand that this is for my protection as well as yours.