Well, hello there…

A common thing I hear from admirers, old and new, is that they were hesitant to meet me because I sometimes feel “out of reach” (re: they find me intimidating). I like to think of myself as a “real down to mars girl” who likes to keep it real and my close friends and admirers would certainly agree. They often describe my personality as playful, silly, witty and with a genuine desire to connect with others. Striking a balance between being refined and approachable is challenging, but I figured it would be fun to share some random facts about myself in the hopes that you see I’m just another human being living life just like you.

  1. My sense of direction is something that has always been uncanny, and I find it almost impossible to get lost. I can visit a place just once, and still remember the exact route to get there months or even years later.
  2. I can’t live without coffee. I start every morning with what I know and love: a dark roast pour over with 3 Splendas and a splash of heavy cream. It’s simple, yet never fails to satisfy.
  3. My first car was a 1987 Chevy Celebrity with the bench seats, lovingly named Fabio. Some of my fondest memories are with that car. From sneaking out with friends to go on midnight drives, to belting out our favorite songs on the way to class, Fabio was always there for me.

4. I think about living abroad often but I’m actively saving to purchase land in Montana or Northern Minnesota to build my dream home. I can picture myself working in the sun-drenched home in the morning, riding horses in the afternoon, and sitting on my porch, watching the sunset over the mountains in the evening. 

5. I love the smell of newspapers and library books. As a young girl, I spent countless weekends at my grandparents’ house, and while they would read the paper, I would dive into the books I had checked out from the library. The scent of the ink on the printed page and the fragrance of old books just felt like home. And as a tactile person, feeling of the paper between your fingertips, hearing the pages rustling against each other, and noticing the weight of the book in my hands —it’s comforting.

6. As a history major, I had some great professors who helped me pursue subject matter that I found especially captivating like the Civil Rights Movement and the Antebellum South. However, there was one era that I loved for personal reasons: the Ancient Régime of French History. Ask me about this when we go out to dinner.

7. Dancing is a passion that has been a constant in my life, and I’ve explored a variety of styles such as high-kick, jazz, hip-hop, and pom. I’ll never forget the excitement of dancing in numerous college football halftime shows during bowl season throughout high school and college. My love for dance has only grown stronger over the years, and I continue to push myself by participating in pole dancing classes, hip-hop dance classes, and hip-hop heels dance classes.

8. Country music is a guilty pleasure of mine. I have a soft spot for artists like Tyler Childers and Chris Stapleton – I love their raw and honest approach to their music. Legends like Reba Macintire and Dolly Parton – truly icons in the industry. From the haunting ballads of Patsy Cline to the high-energy twang of Brooks and Dunn, this genre never fails to make me feel like I’m right at home. It’s not uncommon for me to be dancing around my kitchen to The Judds or belting out Dolly Parton’s “Jolene” at the top of my lungs.

9. I’m learning another language in the hopes of keeping my native tongue alive. As a member of the Anishinaabe nation (re: Chippewa) we have just 2000 fluent speakers left in the world, so it’s crucial as a member to do what we can to preserve this beautiful language. Thankfully, schools and colleges are stepping up to the plate, offering Ojibwe

classed and encouraging younger natives to learn. While it’s one of the most difficult languages in the world to learn, I can’t help but feel grateful for every opportunity I have to immerse myself in my ancestral tongue. *I’m also learning ASL because my baby brother is slowly losing his hearing and will most likely be deaf by the time he’s 30.

10. I have consistently been given the surplatives “Best Smile” & “Most Laidback”. Best smile you can see on my website but to understand “Most Laidback” I want you to come down memory lane with me.

Picture this: you’re on a romantic fly me to you, enjoying a round of mini golf at a cute course with your provider. The sun is shining, the grass is green, and everything seems perfect… until a gust of wind picks up her hat and sends it flying towards a nearby fake lake. Without hesitation, she dashes towards the water’s edge, only to lose her footing and finds herself chest-deep in the water. And to make matters worse, she was wearing all white (tank top and golf skirt). And even though you offer to take her back to the hotel, she’s a trooper, and is so laidback she is laughing it off as she finishes the course with soggy shoes and wet clothes. That provider was me and my client never lets me forget the hilarious mishap!

I’m many things, and although it’s impossible to encompass all of them in a single blog post, I’ve hopefully given you a glimpse into some of my various facets. There is so much more to discover about me – from the smells of dishes my grandmother taught me how to cook, to the night drives with my friends that I love taking, and even the odd quirks or habits that sit on the edge of conventionality. Whether it’s through stories or tactile memories, experiences provide us with something special — something we can openly share with one another, especially when you connect with someone else with an openness and acceptance for each other’s differences. I look forward to sharing more of myself with you and learning more about you on our first date. Until then!